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   Labor Law Posters

They are Federal and State mandated employee notices. Employers with at least one employee must place them in a conspicuous place so employees can see them. They notify employees of their rights. 

When a new act or law that benefits employees is made, the law is overseen by a government agency. That government agency issues a poster (notice) that employers must post for their employees to see. 

There are multiple agencies for both State and Federal

Governments that issue these notices/posters. A company like us researches and assembles these notices then puts all the notices into one poster for your convenience. 


Our approach is friendliness. We don't use scare tactics. We use friendliness and education to help keep you compliant. 

And because we'll keep you covered for the rest of the calendar year. If a poster tears or rips, we got you covered. If a law or act changes, we'll get you the new single poster for free. 

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