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     Standardized Recess Students Program

There are currently no auditions scheduled but you can call 602-279-8005 to schedule an audition. 

How it Works for Actors 

Call us to schedule an audition. Bring headshots and a resume with your phone number on it.   

At the audition, you'll pretend to act like a kid by acting squirmy, saying kid-like things, and wanting to jump rope but not knowing how. 


After that, we'll chat and if all goes well, you'll be put on a list to begin training. 


You'll be asked to through one unpaid training session where we learn the mock settings.  

After that, you'll be invited to the mock trainings where you'll be paid $30 each time to act like a kid so our recess coaches can practice on you. 

The program is set up to be ongoing and you can join anytime. 

Socially Acceptable LLC
PO Box 44442
Phoenix, AZ 85014

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